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Family Self Sufficiency – Your Path to Success!

February 22, 2019

Esther Rodolphe is a recent graduate from the Family Self Sufficiency Program at Kingsport Housing and Redevelopment Authority. This is her story. Be inspired!
If you would like more information on the Family Self-Sufficiency Program, please call Cathy Gallagher 423-392-2576 or David Saunders 423-392-2526.

FSS Takeaways!

The last six years of my life have been an interesting journey. I have encountered many changes which mainly include mental changes. One of the influencing factors for my change has been joining the Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) through Kingsport Housing and Redevelopment Authority ( KHRA.)

I first heard about this program through some friends who were already part of the program. I began to get information about the program and was ready to move out of Cloud. I wanted something different and learned the Riverview community was part of the FSS program.

At first, I did not know what to anticipate once I was accepted into the program. I just knew I had to take some classes and be prepared to move out in five years. Once I got into the program I realized it was much more to it. I not only had to take classes, but I also had to set goals and achieve them. In simple words my mind was turned upside down when I began taking certain classes. This program challenged some of my habits, thought patterns, and decisions that was keeping me in a dysfunctional cycle.

My experience with the FSS Program was one I will never forget, because it made me aware of how living in income-based housing really works. I was able to obtain knowledge that I had no idea about and realize how sometimes I had taken my opportunity for granted.

I was very fortunate to learn within the classes on not only how to become self-sufficient but also how to build wealth through savings and other investment opportunities. That piece of information gave me hope that I could possibly do more than just work and pay bills. I was able to learn about not only bad financial habits, but also my thought habits that helped me make certain decisions that caused strain and struggle in my life.

One of the things I enjoyed in one of the classes were creating affirmations about myself, goals, and financial future. As I stated earlier, my hope for independence and a better life was sparked, because I was given information and the tools to move forward to a better future. Sometimes growing up in certain conditions we are not aware of certain terms such as “self-sufficiency.” In some cases, we are scared or do not think we can become self-sufficient so we can become complacent.

Joining the FSS Program has been one of the greatest achievements of my life, and I am more than grateful for the opportunity and rewards I received from the program.

Esther Rodolphe

Esther with Terry Cunningham, Executive Directer, KHRA

Esther with Cathy Gallagher, FSS Coordinator, KHRA



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