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Criminal Trespass List

KHRA Criminal Trespass List
Kingsport Housing Redevelopment Authority
Criminal Trespass Policy

Criminal Trespass List

Request for Removal

Individuals who engage in certain prohibited activities will be banned from all properties owned and/or managed by Kingsport Housing Redevelopment Authority (KHA) in accordance with T.C.A. § 39-14-405 and rules adopted by the Board of Commissioners of KHRA.

KHRA will prepare and maintain a “Criminal Trespass List” containing the names of individuals who have been banned from KHRA property. The Criminal Trespass List will be posted in a conspicuous place at each of the properties owned and/or managed by KHRA. In addition, KHRA will make every effort to personally notify each person who has been placed on the Criminal Trespass List. A copy of the Criminal Trespass List will also be provided to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

An individual who wishes to have his or her name removed from the Criminal Trespass List must make a written application for removal. All relevant circumstances will be considered and a written decision will be provided advising the individual of KHRA’s decision. No individual will be removed from the Criminal Trespass List without a written decision from KHRA.


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