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Kingsport Housing Redevelopment Authority

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KHRA General Public Notices
Notices listed below are available for download (PDF format) by clicking on the title.

Proposed Flat Rents Posted for Comments – Posted 09-01-16

Updated Voucher Payment Standards (VPS) – Posted 09-01-16

Certification of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, or Stalking – Posted 04-06-16

Notice of Public Hearing (RAD) – Posted 02-10-15

Notice of Public Hearing (Multiple Topics) – Posted 04-29-14

Board Submission – HCV Payment Standards Change eff Apr 2014 – Posted 12-05-13

Board Submission – HCV Utility Rate Change eff Apr 2014 – Posted 12-05-13

Notice – Flat Rent Update – Posted 10-28-13

Special Called Meeting of the Board of Commissioners (Discussion of Rental Assistance Demonstration) – Posted 10-17-13

Notice of Public Hearing (Agency Plan review) – Posted 10-16-13

Notice of Intent – ACOP and Admin Plan Revisions – Posted 10-25-12

Public Housing – Non-Sufficient Funds Check Fee – Posted 08-30-12

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