Program Overview

KHRA is dedicated to providing decent housing opportunities to those in need in the Greater Kingsport Area. We believe that blighted areas undermine the vibrancy of our community and therefore, we are committed to acting as a catalyst for successful redevelopment efforts in the community. As part of our mission we work to address self-sufficiency and quality of life issues that concern our residents. The most productive manner to address these issues is through a program we call Resident Initiatives.

KHRA’s Resident Initiatives Program is a cooperative effort between KHRA staff and residents to promote self-sufficiency and a better quality of life. The Resident Initiatives Department is; “dedicated to working for the best supportive services, self-sufficiency programs, empowerment opportunities, and technical assistance for low-income Residents of Kingsport’s Public Housing, and the Kingsport Community at Large.”

Programs under Resident Initiatives (click for more info):