Admin Plan

KHRA Housing Choice Voucher
Admin Plan

A PHA’s Voucher program Administrative Plan must describe the policies the PHA has adopted in each area where the PHA has discretion. Voucher program regulations specify the policy areas that must be covered in the administrative plan. From time to time, HUD amends these regulations and adds new administrative plan requirements. The PHA is responsible for updating its administrative plan to include these additional elements as required. The PHA must also revise its plan whenever local circumstances require a policy change.

The Housing Authority Board of Commissioners or other governing body must formally adopt the administrative plan and any revisions. The administrative plan becomes the PHA’s “official” policy when it is approved by the Board. HUD must receive a copy of the plan, and may require changes if the policies adopted are inconsistent with program regulation requirements. However, HUD approval of the administrative plan is not required prior to its implementation.

Changes to the Administrative Plan require formal approval by the Board of Commissioners. Therefore, including HUD regulations in which the PHA has no discretion is not advised. The Administrative Plan should address only those policy areas in which the PHA has discretion. Program regulations and the PHA’s operating procedures for complying with those regulations can be addressed in a separate procedures manual that can be updated more easily.

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